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Carsten on Tornado Fin

Carsten (The Aviator)
Naval aviator for 18 years, Carsten is the main reason for our extended stays in the United States. At home he leaves most of the work to Kirsten, but also (of course) does his daily chores, if he is home and not on the computer! Since the summer of 2004 he does not fly anymore but instead took his family to Monterey, California to finally become a “certified” computer specialist. For all the other hobbies the time has become very sparse. Squash (a Racket sport(for all you Americans)), mountain biking and photography are less present in Carsten's life as they used to be. He still owns two squash rackets, his Trek 7000 mountain bike and a few cameras(two 35 mm Canons, one 35 mm Contax and two digital Sony's). As long, as he is in Monterey, mountain biking will be part of his free time again, involving more and more the other family members.
Carsten was born in Goettingen, Niedersachsen, but grew up and went to school in Eckernfoerde, Schleswig-Holstein. Right after school he joined the Navy to become a Naval aviator. After marrying Kirsten he moved together with her to Sacramento, California to spend their first of many more years in the United States. Carsten's parents still live in Eckernfoerde and his brother has moved to Berlin where he now has become a pharmacist.