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Finn in Parents Bedroom
Finn (The American)
Finn is our first American in the family, having dual citizenship by birth. And he might be as well, displaying football player figure and strength every day. He certainly is big and strong for his age. Carrying shopping bags to help his mother while the older ones are in school is just one of the things he does to keep “in shape”. His strength does not keep him from being constructive though. He is constantly busy building cars, ships, spacecraft, buildings and everything else imaginable with his Duplo Lego bricks. His second biggest pastime is playing with Matchbox cars. He and his two brothers own at least a hundred of them all together. So he plays with them all over the house turning it into a big parking lot. Though Finn doesn't read yet and is not allowed to watch all of the movies, he is, influenced by his older brother, a definite Star Wars Fan.
Finn was born, in the US in the Gerald Champion Hospital of Alamogordo, New Mexico. As a “millennium child” he was famous in the German Community for a short while. Now back in the United States he is staying at home with his mother and his younger brother while his older brother and his sisters are in school. Between the two stays in the US he has spend only a single year of his life in Germany. It will definitely be a challenge to finally move back to Germany in a couple of years.His parents main concern is to teach him the German language correctly to make the transition back to Germany as easy as possible.