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Joana in the sand(Carmel Beach)

Joana (The Ballet Dancer II)
Joana is a ballet dancer like her older sister Julia. So all of her favorite dolls also posses ballet costumes. Dolls in Joana's room come in all kinds of styles and sizes. Barbies(a lot) and Baby born make up most of them. Her favorite (picture and text) books are Barbie books as well. And her favorite movie is “Barbie in Swan Lake”.
But Joana, as all of the others, possesses a mountain bike too. She loves to ride it, practicing mountain biking with Bjoern.
Being in “the middle” is not easy with two older and two younger siblings. But she manages and gets along well with all of them for most of the time. School is taking up much of her attention now and she is full of enthusiasm for all the new things she learns.
Joana was born in Flensburg like her brother Bjoern. She spend her first years in Wanderup and then moved with the family to Alamogordo, New Mexico. Her she went to an American preschool where she picked up the English language. Back in Germany a couple of years later she did her final year in Kindergarten to prepare for elementary school. But the family moved again. Joana is now a first grader in Carmel River School learning everything a first grader English. But she is doing fine so far.