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Julia first day in middle school

Julia (The Oldest)
Julia is the first born and so the oldest of the kids. And she is also the build in babysitter of the family, sometimes for free, sometimes for pay. Ballet and jazz dancing are here favorite hobbies, but she also takes piano lessons to improve her music education. Julia owns (as the only one in the family) a not so small telescope, reads a lot (Harry Potter, Tolkien,...), practices html programming and, as all of the family members, owns and rides a mountain bike. Some of the photos of the family website are shot by her. She sometimes takes along one of her cameras to document family life, trips and hobbies of all of the family members.
Julia owns the games Carcassonne and Alhambra, two of the family favorites. Her favorite movies are Princess Diaries, Lord of the rings 1-3 and the Harry Potter movies. Julia's favorite subject in School at the moment is Spanish.
Born in Herford, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Julia spend most of her life in Wanderup, Schleswig-Holstein and Alamogordo, NM. Her school “career” started off in the Wanderup elementary school, continued through Alamogordo German school, the bilingual high school (AVS Gymnasium) in Flensburg to Carmel middle school. Here she is learning her fourth language, Spanish.