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Kirsten in Spenge
Kirsten (The Boss)
Kirsten is the “Big Organizer” who holds the family together, coordinates all the time plans and schedules. She has organized the family life perfectly, so everyone and everything is taken care of. In here “spare time” she is constantly altering and perfecting our homes interior. Her interest in art and design keep her constantly looking for changes and new fashions. During our past years in the US she tried among others scrap booking, decoupage and woodworking. Even our future home back in Germany is already being planed and the interior designed laid out. Kirsten also cooks and bakes a lot. She is famous for her homemade Easter bread and homemade pretzel. And the Kids love her homemade pancakes. Her favorite music is from Phil Collins and PUR and she owns almost every V.C. Andrews book.During the past years she kept herself fit riding her TREK 6700WSD mountain bike. Either alone ore together with Carsten she rode the trails of New Mexico in and around Alamogordo. Just recently she got new shoes and clip less pedals to go even further.
Kirsten was born in Werther, Nordrhein-Wesfalen the famous home of Werther Original's. She went to school in the Herford area where she lived during her entire youth. A year after finishing school she met Carsten and has shared his life in the Navy ever since. Her Parents, two sisters and one brother still live in the Herford as well as many other relatives.