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Marvin (many thanks to Merle for the nice name)

He is the newest member of our family and there is not too much to say so far.
So we keep it with the technical data and a user manual for a while!

Technical Data

Marvin Krause
Place of Birth:
Santa Cruz
Size at birth:
20.5 inch   52 cm
Weight at birth:
8 lb 1 oz   3660 g
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Head Circumference:
13.75 inch   35 cm
Chest Circumference:
13.75 inch   35 cm
More Data. Updated every week!

User Manual

  1. Feed every 4 hours. (has to be done by Mama!)
  2. Change "underwear" regularly. (done by.. Papa or Mama!)
  3. If 2. is "unsuccessful": Change clothing.
  4. Bath at least once a day.
  5. Provide resting place at least 20 hours a day. (yes, he sleeps a lot!)